The Bear at The Gate

The village of Tish seemed like such a perfect place to live.
That was until the day the bear came.

Understanding our power

We have an incredible amount of power to change our world for the better.
However, this power has limits. It has rules. What are these rules?
Can we tap into them, and make our world even better?

Blind Spots – An introduction

There are some things that we cannot see, even when we are looking right at them!
Why is this? What causes this type of blindness?
What can we do to see them more clearly.

A quick update…

Hello. This is just a quick update to talk about changes to the site you may notice (or be interested in) in the near future. I’ve added a reading list page called Worldchanger Library to the site. It is a collection of books that I have found (personally) to provide a great amount of insight…… Continue reading A quick update…

A good relationship…

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels A good relationship is not something we find. It is not something that happens to us or something we luckily discover. If we want a good relationship, it is something that we will have to Build. Let’s take a best-case scenario. Let’s say that we believe in soulmates. We believe that, once we…… Continue reading A good relationship…