A quick update…


This is just a quick update to talk about changes to the site you may notice (or be interested in) in the near future.

  • I’ve added a reading list page called Worldchanger Library to the site.
    It is a collection of books that I have found (personally) to provide a great amount of insight and assistance for dealing with life’s various concerns. I will continue to update it as I come across more good material. I will also probably be adding web pages and videos as time goes on.
  • I will be changing the name of the site. The current name has always felt not-quite-right to me.
    The new name of the site will be WorldChangerMagic.com. All the old links will still work for quite a while (a few years). But soon the name you see when browsing the site will change and I will be sharing links with the new name.

In the meantime, Happy holidays! 🙂

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