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Welcome Visitor.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I hope you have enjoyed what you have read so far.

You are probably reading this page trying to get a feel of what this site is about.So, to help give you an idea of who I am, where I am coming from and what to expect, here is a bit of background about me and what I’m hoping to write about.

I’m a Student learning about power (You can call me Stu šŸ™‚ ).
I’m a man, in my early forties (at least I am as I write this).
I am a bit of geek (Computer geek, sci-fi geek, gaming geek and a few of others).
For a lot of my life, I was very strongly Christian (of the born again kind). My beliefs are now more…, …undefined.
I’m very Nigerian (and consequently believe it is one of the best countries in the world).
I am also slightly British (and consequently believe it is an okay country , …sometimes).

Early in my life, I realised that I needed to figure out how to take control of my own destiny and build a better life for myself.

This may sound like some “Boss Baby” kind of awesomeness, but it was actually quite the opposite. It was an act of desperation. I was desperate and could find no one to save me. When your life is full of more hardship than you can bear and there is no one around to save you, you will try anything. Even if that means trying to learn how to swim, in the middle of the ocean. The only other alternative is to drown.

So, I will unabashedly say that this website is about Power (okay, the British part of me is slightly abashed).

The Power to make the your world, and the world of those around you, better.

Because if you don’t do it, no one will.

Interestingly, although it had been impossible for me to find anyone to save me, once I made that decision, it became much easier for me to find people who were able to help me save myself.

It turns out everyone has their own battle to fight. And, no matter how good their intentions, it is impossible for them to properly take up your own battle while still struggling with their own.
However, there are many, who even while involved in their own struggle, will still put in the effort to help a fellow struggler. Without their sacrificial generosity, I would never have survived this long, or done this well. In a way, this website is part of my small attempt to pay that forward.

It turns out the old saying is true, “Knowledge is power.”
(It turns out lot’s of old saying are true, I’ll probably be quoting them liberally. Sorry if I end up sounding like your granddad, but that maybe he was just a very smart guy :P)

The things I have learned and the things I have been taught, that is what has given me the power to succeed as well as I have so far. These are the things I will be trying to share  on this blog.

Some of the posts will be covering basic topics. This is because, I have noticed that whenever I have really been struggling with an area of my life, it has usually been because I am missing a basic concept somewhere. Usually something that would be obvious to someone coming from a different path than myself, but is totally opaque to me at the time.

I will also be posting in-depth guides on achieving specific goals or dealing with specific issues. It is all very flexible right now though and will depend on the feedback I get from you guys on what you find useful.

I also have to apologize to you though.

Since this is a blog about knowledge and power, it should probably be written by the most intelligent and most powerful person ever. A master who has found all the answers. One who is wiser, stronger, wealthier and more successful than anyone else you can think of.

Sadly, I am not that person.

I haven’t built any globe spanning empire (not yet anyway). I haven’t cracked faster than light travel (although I have a few ideas about it). I haven’t even made my first million pounds (perhaps if you add up every pound I have ever earned…?).

Basically I’m not a master, I’m still just a student. But, one of the things I’ve learnt so far, is that you don’t always have time to wait until you reach your destination.

Life is happening now.
There is a difference you can make, now.
There may be someone who can use what you already have, today!

So, these blogs are me sharing some stuff I have already learned and some ideas I am still figuring out, in the hope that they help someone else in their studies too.

Oh, there is one more thing I should mention about my approach.

So far I have found two very distinct schools of sorcery, two very different paths to the power to change your life.

I refer to them as the path of the Hunter and the path of the Farmer.

To explain, let’s take an example of a small village in a wilderness somewhere, that has a desperate need for geese.
Perhaps they have poor nutrition and geese are their only source of protein.

A member of the Hunter school trying to meet that need, will go out to find flocks of geese in the wild. He will proceed to take as many geese from that flock as necessary, in order to meet the need. The greater the need, the more geese he will have to strip from the flock. And if that one flock runs out before the need is met, he will then need to go searching for another flock to raid.

A member of the farmer school however will approach the problem differently. He will start by finding a flock and trying to capture a small number of geese, both males and females. He doesn’t have to find a big flock, and he only needs to take the seed of a new flock from whatever he finds. He will then nurture and grow that small number of geese into a new gigantic flock. Thereby increasing the total number of geese in the world. Then, it is only out of that abundance that he will begin attempting to meet his need.

The Hunter student needs to find a place of abundance, and his success creates scarcity.

The Farmer student only needs to find a seed and a need, and his success creates abundance.

For many reasons, I have chosen to follow the school of the farmer, and that is what I talk about in this blog.

For one thing, the path of the farmer has unlimited potential. The hunter cannot succeed beyond the existing flocks of abundance that are already out there. The farmer however, can create as much abundance as he needs or desires, so his potential for success is limitless.

The Hunter student must necessarily consider his fellow hunters a threat. Because each of them further reduces the abundance that the he needs to succeed. For instance, if there is another village that also needs geese, hunters from both these villages will need to compete with each other. It will always be “Us vs Them”.

The Farmer student however, would consider his fellow farmers friends. If two farmers from different villages meet up, they can discuss and share tips about the best way to raise geese. Because each is creating more abundance. As they do better, the abundance in the world increases, benefiting all their lives.

Anyway, enough about me though.

We’ve got a lot to cover. I hope you find something of value in the following pages.

Let’s get started.

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